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Telework increases the talent pool, reduces turnover, lessens the real estate footprint, and improves the ability to conduct business across multiple time zones, to name just a few advantages. Start removing friction points around your meetings immediately. Clearword automatically creates summaries of your meetings and organizes them in a searchable video library. An essential tool for hybrid teams to meet and work better. How much of it do you have, and what do you want to do with it?

  • And checking that working from home is working for them.
  • Today’s episode was produced by Rikki Novetsky, Michael Simon Johnson, and Mooj Zadie.
  • But it’s often hard to find between colleagues.
  • According to the Citrix Work Balanced report, 8 in 10 employees say it’s important to have an employer they can trust.
  • Now that she’s recently married, she’s sharing the living space, but her husband works primarily outside and doesn’t need desk space.
  • Daily insights from a self-employed, work at home dad, blending together parenting, business, and life along with all of the organization and life hacking it takes to make it work.
  • Amanda Carroll, Managing Direct & Principal at architecture and design firm Gensler, talks about how our new remote workplace might change the way we work forever.

So if you decide to test a 3-2 model, the big question is whether we should all show up on the same 3 days. I’m normally skeptical of sports metaphors at work. In your job, when was the last time you agreed exactly on how to keep score–and hired referees to enforce the rules? And I know from talking to folks in China, there are other tech companies now thinking of copying them because the evidence is so strongly in favor of it. But some people–mostly CEOs and senior executives–are still resisting the idea. Here’s an email I got from a very senior, highly accomplished leader in the tech industry who is responsible for a bunch of products you probably use every week.

11 The Productive Woman

Find out in this guide from VirtualVocations. Working from home reduces the time you’ll be in the car, clogging up the ozone layer. It also cuts back on the amount of disposable remote work podcast goods wasted each year (you’re more likely to use washable plates and cups when you’re at home). Jessica Fox, vice president of culture and employee experience at SiriusXM.

What does etr stand for?

ETR stands for Estimated Time of Restoration. When your power goes out, you naturally want to know when it will come back on.

And we decided that we would use the chat window instead of the raise hand feature. So we had, if you have a question put in hashtag question and you can type it out, or we’ll just see that you have a question and we’ll call on you. If you want to challenge something that I’ve said, or one of your classmates has said. We did a hashtag on fire, which was a Seagal invention. If you have a burning question or burning comment and you have to get in now, if I see on fire, I literally stop at mid-sentence floor’s yours. And that way you can, you can make your very timely point. And then the students added a hashtag #aha when they had a light bulb moment.

Remotely Effective with Thomas Lattimore

Some of the topics from their episodes talk about Workout Equipment, How to lower your heart disease risks, How to build healthy habits, Does intermittent fasting help with losing body fat, and more. Feedspot has a team of over 50 experts whose goal is to discover and rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories.

  • Never hesitate to ask a question, receive an answer and follow up with a personal email later.
  • As part of the performance evaluation, the company would look at how much idle time you had.
  • He has a background in SEO, Online Marketing, and Web Designing.
  • The coordinated approach — having everyone in the office on the same days — can solve the fairness problem that might leave some groups at a disadvantage.
  • You’re saying we have to close the office those two days a week.
  • The demand for hybrid work is growing as well, with 80 percent saying they expect or want to work three times per week at home.

If you’re looking to find out more about all things remote working, Stephanie Holland’s Thriving Empire podcast is definitely a must-listen. With over 17 years of remote working experience, Stephanie really knows her stuff. Each episode is completely different thanks to the wide variety of remote worker guests invited to share their tips on their #remoteworkreality. Wurkr virtual workspace has even featured in 3 Thriving Empire episodes.

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